Who are Vispring?

At the turn of the 20th century, an English engineer called James Marshall offered his wife the most precious gift of all - a perfect night's sleep. His mattress's pioneering use of individually pocketed steel springs ushered in unparalleled levels of comfort, making Vispring a byword for luxury.

Profoundly attached to the values of excellence and craftsmanship, Vispring epitomizes a distinctively British form of elegance.

Today, they remain the international standard for comfort and sophistication.

So how is the perfect mattress created?

A bespoke bed by Vispring is a guarantee of supreme comfort and an untroubled night's sleep. Master craftsmen use techniques refined over the course of a century, combining individually pocketed steel springs with the finest materials that nature has to offer.

Every Vispring is made individually to order - and entirely by hand. The skilled gestures of our master craftsmen, passed down from generation to generation, ensure the resilience and quality of all Vispring mattresses and divans.


What materials and techniques are used to make a Vispring mattress?

POCKET SPRINGS - Inventor of the pocket spring in 1901, Vispring has unrivalled knowledge and experience in creating the perfect bed.. So much so that they even produce their own springs from the finest Vanadium steel, offering a unique choice of 58 distinct spring types and four different tensions (soft, medium, firm and extra firm).

HAND-NESTING - Craftsmen hand-nest pocket springs in a honeycomb pattern that maximizes the support offered by each bespoke mattress. Because they are not glued, the pocketed springs can work independently - gently supporting you from head to toe as you sleep.

GENUINE HAND SIDE-STITCHING - Providing perfect edge-to-edge support and improving mattress longevity, this intricate technique takes craftsmen many years to master. Each bed is made with up to six rows of genuine side-stitching, using 100% natural twine and providing thousands of contact points between the mattress border and the spring unit. We’ve been told it takes up to eight hours to hand side-stitch one super king size mattress !!

THE FINEST NATURAL FILLINGS - Throughout its products, Vispring uses the most luxurious natural fillings sourced from around the world, including silk, cashmere, bamboo, mohair, horsetail, wool and cotton. Vispring exclusively use the finest quality horsetail from Moosburger - a family-run business in Austria. Adding horsetail to a bed is like giving it millions of extra springs. Vispring are also the only bed manufacturer to use 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool, produced in keeping with age-old traditions with no harm to sheep. Soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and ten times more absorbent than synthetic materials, it works in harmony with your body to regulate the temperature in your bed. And lastly, Vispring use a third of the wool produced in the Shetland Isles: regarded as the best in the world.


How can you find your perfect bed?

Our honest advice to finding the perfect bed is the try the mattress in person. On average the most time we spend in one place is in our beds – an estimated third of our life in fact… so as we’re sure you’ll agree, the importance of laying on a mattress before you purchase it, can’t be stressed enough! With this in mind, we invite you to try the comfort of the mattresses of Vispring in our showrooms to ensure you find the right bed for you.

Vispring also offer zip and link divan – the perfect solution for those who share a bed and require different options. Mattresses can be made with different tension on each side, so you and you partner don’t have to compromise on comfort and sleep quality.

In addition to their luxurious mattresses, Vispring have a wonderful selection of Divans, Besteads and Headboards with which to pair your mattress and create the bed of your dreams.

A bespoke bed by Vispring will bring you supreme luxury and superb sleep for years to come. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so choosing a Vispring could be the best decision you ever make. Sleep well, live better!

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